Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Willow Lake

This ride was mostly pleasant.  A good option if you're in the Pinedale area and want some easy beach riding.  Has aspen and evergreen forests, meadows, open sagebrush country and gorgeous vistas of the Wind Rivers and surrounding areas. This particular route has a lot of "open" riding, so...in the summer, cloud cover is appreciated.  Can be accessed as early as March/April, but you will be riding in snow. Most of these photos were taken July 9.

(click on any photo to open enlarged images.  Many photos courtesy of Teisha Preece.)

Directions from Pinedale, WY, About 8 miles of dirt/gravel road

Total mileage ridden:  10.28.  Minimum altitude=7,664'; Maximum altitude=8,373'; Ascent/descent=1110';  Trail conditions: 65% dirt, 10% gravel/dirt road, 25% rocky.
"Trailhead" parking.  A good spot, but it involves about a mile back on the dirt road you drove in on.

Typical of about 20% of the ride...somewhat rocky.  A barefoot horse in good condition could handle it.

One way to avoid some of the rocky spots.

View of the "Chain Lakes"

Beach riding right at the trail head.

April ride, photo courtesy Teisha Preece

April ride, photo courtesy Teisha Preece
This is another track going to the Willow Lake Beach at the northeast end.  For more detailed description see http://wildbound.blogspot.com/2016/09/

Photo courtesy Teisha Preece

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