Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lowline and Glimpse Lake Trails

Some spectacular trails accessible from the same trailhead as Little Soda Lake
Here are shown photos of both the Lowline Trail (which is used to access Glimpse Lake.  I realize there is ANOTHER "Lowline" trail by Scab Creek.  They're quite a ways apart. In the future, they will be referred to as Lowline-Soda and Lowline-Scab.) AND a very small portion of the Glimpse Lake Trail.  More photos will be added as we ride further.
(click on any photo for enlarged images. Many of the photos courtesy of Teisha Preece)

Go through a gate and head north from the trailhead parking. You CAN park just over the cattle guard to avoid the gate.  At first it is just open sagebrush.

Track taken on June 5, 2017.  Total mileage: 10 miles.  Elevation=7,507-8,638'  Ascent/descent=1,300'  Trail conditions:  Lowline Trail is Dirt and grass=80%,  Somewhat Rocky=20%; Deadfall factor= 8 to 10. Great for barefoot horses.  The Glimpse Lake Trail is 50% dirt and 50% rocky, not so great for barefoot.  Big rocks and those little ouchy ones.

Then a gradual turn to the right and it opens into grassy areas along a fenceline.  This portion of the trail was really boggy and muddy on June 5, 2017.
Riding along the fence line up the Lowline.

Up some hillsides on the Lowline trail.  

Small No-name lake.

Then past an even smaller pond.

Lots of meadows.
Aspen groves....

Some small water features.  This is probably one of the only places for the animals to drink.

 View down into Spring Creek Park.  A trail heads down that way, but it looked really boggy on June 5.

  Where the Glimpse Lake Trail heads up from the Lowline.  There is a sign that says "Trail".

  Heading up the Glimpse Lake Trail.

Also heading up the Glimpse Lake Trail.
 View of Willow Lake from Glimpse Trail.
Wow Factor looking at the Winds and Fremont Lake

Again the Wow Factor increases.
Looking at the Wind River Mountains.  We think the lake is part of Long Lake.

More of the Glimpse Lake Trail

And still More of the Glimpse Lake Trail

And still more

And more of the gorgeous Glimpse Trail.

The fabulous forest just does not stop...

View of Fremont Lake

A zoom view of Fremont Lake.  There happened to be one boat on the lake.
Glimpse Lake Trail on top of the ridge looking south.

Much of the Glimpse Trail is rocky like this.

Lots of forest like this.

We encountered a few snow patches on June 7.

Heading back down the Lowline.  Beautiful view of Soda Lake.

One of my favorite parts of the Lowline trail.  Sigh.....

This is a critical junction coming down onto the Lowline Trail.  The correct path coming up from Soda Lake is the trail on the left.  The one on the right comes up from Spring Creek Trailhead. (Yes, it's shorter, but inaccessible by horse trailers as of June, 2017)

Heading out on the lower part of the Lowline.

This IS Bear Country.  Stay noisy and watchful.

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