Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Boulder Rocks

I love this ride.  So many options.  Vistas of three mountain ranges. Eagle nests. Wide open BLM land. Soft dirt tracks for cantering.   Best done in the spring or fall because there is very little shade and no water.  Super for barefoot horses. 

(click on any photo to open enlarged images. Some photos courtesy of Teisha Preece and Nancy Stephens)

Directions from Pinedale.  Yellow arrow shows where we park.

Our preferred parking spot is the top one.  Other options are lower.
Track #1.  There are numerous trails/double tracks.  Pretty much pick your route and take different one each time.  This one was about 4.5 miles.  Trail conditions= 97% dirt, 3% rocks

Another track, another day.

And still ANOTHER track on September 27, 2018...this one about 6 plus miles.

Parking area/trail on March 27.  Too muddy/snowy to ride.

Parking area on April 29.

We named this formation "Petrified Sand Worm"

Looking southwest toward the Wyoming Range and Boulder Creek Ditch.

Lots of trail options. Lots of sagebrush.  Check for ticks after riding.

We call this one "Kissing Rocks".  They form a little arch.

Too bad people feel they have to deface the rocks with graffiti.

Looking toward the Wind Rivers.

"Un-named" courtesy of Teisha Preece.

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