Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Red (Painted) Hills

This is a ride best done in the spring (May) or Fall as it is out in the open with no shade and no water. Closed to the public until May 1.  It's a good option when the upper trails still have snow.  No driving on dirt roads is required.  It is right next to Highway 189 south of Daniel and north of Big Piney/Marbleton.  It is also called by the locals "Goblin Valley of Wyoming" and the "Badlands". This is BLM land. Fun place to explore.
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Here's the route from Evanston. It's also 30 minutes from Pinedale. Google Map shows it as "Red Hills."
Pull out parking just off the highway.  If the gate is open, you can drive in and park just inside.

This was our track on May 4, 2017.  Total mileage-5.9; Min altitude=6,988; Max altitude=7,326.  Trail conditions=90% soft dirt/sand; 10% somewhat rocky.  No specific trails, but a few double tracks.
View from the parking area.

Optional parking here.
Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece

Photo by Teisha Preece

One of the rocky areas.  Our barefoot horses did fine.

View from further up on the hillside.  You can see the trailers parked as little white dots just left of the formations in the middle.

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